My wish for you…

From time to time I get the opportunity to photograph some extraordinary kids associated with Arizona’s Make-A-Wish program and each time I am moved beyond words. Listening to their stories breaks my heart; especially seeing that I have two healthy children of my own. It makes me realize how lucky I am and how life could have been so different. These families are strong and so determined to fight the good fight. Recently, I met Brandon…

Brandon was born with multiple heart defects with complications that caused feeding and neuro issues as well. On top of that, he is deaf in one ear and has a severe loss in the other.    He had 2 heart surgeries and more procedures on his ears and throat before he was five than most people have in a lifetime! However this kid is a fighter and has never let any of this get in his way!

He has had  2 passions in life since he was a child, firefighting and baseball. 

Brandon’s wish was very simple; he wanted a fire pole in his room. At the time, Brandon wasn’t able to play outside and has always had a great passion for all things firefighting. Make-A-Wish Arizona was inspired by his vision and came up with an incredible design to renovate his entire room into his own fire station. To this day he is still enjoying his amazing room.

Throughout our session Brandon was kind, soft spoken and incredibly sweet. He was helpful and curious about my job and my equipment. His love for his mother was so obvious. When he looked at her you could FEEL the love.

My wish for you Brandon…is for the years ahead to be easier than the years past. Keep that sense of positivity and your sweet nature. It’s infectious.

XOXO, Stephanie

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August 24, 2016

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