My New Yoga Inspiration: Lauren Hovey

I love meeting new clients and learning their unique stories. Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting Lauren Hovey, a yoga instructor, studio owner, and an overall fitness inspiration. She opened her studio –  Lauren Hovey Yoga – on August 10, and I was excited to capture her passion for balance and fitness!

I was thrilled for this shoot since I love yoga! Admittedly, I don’t do it as much as I should, but this yogi sparked a new sense of motivation for me.

Throughout the shoot, I picked up pieces of Lauren’s yoga background. Lauren began studying yoga during a philosophy course in 2006 while she was attending UC Berkeley. From there, her passion for the yogic tradition blossomed, and she found herself studying yoga full-time in Thailand! After seven years immersed in the Zen of Thailand, Lauren moved back to the U.S. to become certified in functional strength and nutrition and so much more. Seriously, this instructor can really do it all, from weights to yoga to nutrition!

It was easy to see that Lauren brings a unique combination of health, wellness, strength, and balance to her yoga studio. I adore how invested and passionate she is about her work, and I am sure that her clients will be able to connect with her calming personality and enjoy her relaxed space.

Be sure to check out her services at and visit her studio that is located in Scottsdale. She’s already become such a fitness inspiration for me, and I am sure she will be yours, too!

XOXO, Stephanie


August 11, 2017

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