Super Leo, 1 year later…

About a year ago, my partner Don and I had the honor of photographing a little boy named Leo. Sweet, spunky and smiling; and aside from the typical side effects of chemotherapy you would never have guessed that this boy had been battling a life threatening bout of cancer. After being diagnosed with malignant lymphoma,  a cancer of the lymphatic system, Leo began chemotherapy, numerous surgery’s and intensive medical care. Leo lost his hair, was on a strict diet and spent much of the school year in Phoenix Children’s hospital.

Many people have asked us how Leo is doing today, and we are happy to report he is now considered N.E.D. …NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE! His PET scans are clear and he is once again living the full and happy life that any 6 year old boy deserves.

Leo was back in our studio, smiling and goofing off…and we were thrilled…

March 5, 2014

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