Mia. The Fighter.

Every time I photograph a family, I feel like I have new friends. Sometimes I become friends with the mom, sometimes the dad, and most always the kids. This time was no different. I had the opportunity this year to join the Board of Directors along a group of some of the most dynamic women I have ever met; and in turn become the photographer for the organization. All of which has led me to meet the Foutz family. 4 people strong…and now and army behind them.

Mia, (age 7) had Cancer. She is now Cancer free (most would insert cheers here) …but she is now riddled with the after effects of her disease. Mia can no longer walk and endured a traumatic brain injury during the course of her treatment. Mia’s condition was also compounded by a blood clot that developed because of radiation complications, placing her at a higher risk for stroke. This set of circumstances is unique in the very worst way. Mia’s injury and fight against cancer with radiation depleted the family’s resources and Sandra is now a single mother of three, Mia, Charlie and Genevieve. Sandra spends every day trying to give her children the best possible care and love while searching for answers that will address and improve Mia’s condition.

With the Angel Mamas behind this family we will now work together to find the answers that Sandra is searching for. I urge everyone to read this story, take it to heart…it could be any one of us…share it…and donate if you can.

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January 29, 2014

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